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Our product line is uniquely designed to support you with your bodily needs, nurture your development and make you feel amazing!

Personal development/educational system

Personal development is a key motivator that keeps you committed in making a difference. It stays with you, pushing you forward and helping you to be successful. We provide you with an exceptional educational system and the best possible tools to enhance your personal development and to attain crucial entrepreneurial skills.

Equal Partnership

OKAIZO provides the opportunity for every member to truly be a part of the company. Our members are given abundant opportunities to become key players in the network marketing industry. Share your ideas with our Partners Council and let your voice be heard

Strong Finance

A strong and well balanced finance is not only about ‘making money’, but also about creating WEALTH. Our unique Compensation Plan in combination with our one-of-a-kind artificial intelligence software functions as a backbone to shape OKAIZO as one of your WEALTH generating income streams. Our learning platform teaches you not only to earn money, but also to make that money work for you.

“Hemp will one day be seen as a wonder drug, as was Penicillin in the 1940's.“

Dr. Lester Grinspoon

NO Herbicides

NO Pesticides

Triple Lab Tested



We believe that everyone deserves to live a life of abundance and prosperity. We see our company becoming one of the most influential social networking communities worldwide, cultivating the right atmosphere for entrepreneurs and visionaries. We bank our success on:

  • Innovative products to optimize every aspect in your life
  • An exceptional educational system
  • Power teachings and community building events


Fostering a people-centric culture, OKAIZO empowers its members to activate their full potential. We CAN make a difference and together we can turn dreams into reality.


Infinity (Building)
Amstelveenseweg 500
1081KL Amsterdam


Becoming an Okaizo® Independent Business Affiliate (IBA) will give you the opportunity to help others discover the fantastic benefits of our quality hemp-based products. You can really build a business and reputation selling one of the fastest-growing herbal medicines in the world since penicillin was first invented in 1940.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have questions. We will do our utmost best to answer your queries within 48 hours.

About Okaizo®

Okaizo® is a Natural Wellness and Beauty Product developer in Central Europe. Our products are plant based. We only use the highest quality of hemp produced by reputable farmers and tested by labs in Europe.

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